CrapsSim Project Page

I'm writing a craps simulator to try out different strategies. I could use your help finding out if I have any bugs in the logic.

Please send all results/questions to

Unzip the below zip file and you'll see some batch files, an executable, and a LUA script. If you just run the "runBasicToLog", it will run in basic mode (using a built in player). It will play 5 games of 100 rolls each game and log out everything its doing to a file. This is mostly what I need help with. Looking at the logs of some of the games and making sure its paying out correctly.

If you run "runScriptedToLog" it will use the LUA script as the player instead. Feel free to pop open the one I included, its got some tutorial comments if you want to play around with your own logic.

You can also run "runScriptedReportMode"which will run it in report mode (increases the number of games to 100 and only logs the end results). I've been using this mode to determine which LUA scripts have the winning-est strategy.

LUA Info:
The included LUA script has some comments and example code to get you started, but here are a couple sites to get even more info on the language if you want it...

Runtime Download:

Source Download:
I haven't yet decided what I want to do with this source (open source it, etc). So for now...

Terms: This source is provided for informational purposes only. You may not sell it, post it on your own site, or redistribute it in any fashion without my express permission.